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Are you looking for a gourmet jambalaya solution for larger pots? We will get you the amount you need and custom instructions for 120-20,000 servings. Our products have won multiple cook offs, so you will never be disapointed. We use whole chopped dried veggies, never powders. Our Roux is made in a one of a kind six foot tall black iron pot. No artificial food coloring or additives.  Each bag contains 6 servings which is $1.25 per serving. Must be 70 servings or more to qualify. When ordering in bulk you will pay no shipping. Just key in the number of servigs and we will handle the rest.

120 servings or more Bulk- Cajun CJ's Gourmet Jambalaya

SKU: 0004
  • Shipping is based on the area you are in, list the address and we will get you all the info.

  • We will replace your product if you are not happy with it, no questions asked.

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